About us 

Refud is a platform for the integration of foreigners and their cultures in the Czech Republic. The platform organizes options for the production and sale of ready-made meals on the streets, in markets, private celebrations and via the Internet, including delivery.
Refud.org cooperates with newcomers and locals and thus offers a gastronomic offer (Mexican, Afghan, in 2023 we will try to integrate Turkish, Albanian, Spanish, Ukrainian cuisine).
Our goal is, on the one hand, to become a tool for the integration of selected newcomers with positive potential for local society and to strengthen their own gastronomic potential. On the other hand, it creates a market for great food at affordable prices, even with delivery.

♦ we sell hot and cold food at markets and private parties, including logistics without the use of motor vehicles 

♦ we organize Mexican tortilla preparation workshops at schools                                             

♦ we distribute lunches to individuals and groups in recyclable containers at unbeatable prices

♦ we can create themed events, banquets, all-you-can-eat buffets
♦ we operate catering and delivery in Prague as well as the operation of bars and kitchens
♦ we cooperate with importers and distributors of coffee and cocoa (www.laprove.com)
We are constantly looking not only for street sales opportunities, but also for new collaborators. Write to info@refud.org